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Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park (159 sq km) is situated on the northern fringe of Kathmandu valley and lies about 12 km away from the center of capital city. The area was gazatted as the country's ninth national park in 2002. Prior its declaration as national park, it was managed under the Shivapuri Watershed Development Board, and was later declared as Shivapuri Watershed and Wildlife Reserve.

Flora & Fauna

Shivapuri lies in a transition zone between subtropical and temperate climates. The vegetation consists of a variety of natural forest types including pine, oak, rhododendron etc, depending on altitude and aspect. Recorded wildlife in the park includes mammalian species such as Himalayan Black bear, leopard, jungle cat, and rhesus monkey. The park is also home to 177 species of birds, including at least 9 threatened species, 102 species of butterflies with a number of rare and endangered species, and 129 species of mushroom.


Salient Features of SSNP

The salient features of SNNP include:

  • a major source of fresh water for Kathmandu valley,
  • a sink for air pollution,
  • an important watershed of Holy rivers Bagmati and Bishnumati,
  • a region of rich biodiversity of the mid–hill region,
  • an important biological corridor that links north-south,
  • an important bird area (IBA),
  • one of the major tourist destination nearby capital city,
  • a potential area for research and exploration,
  • a site for conservation education for students and researchers.

Types of forests in SSNP

The salient features of SNNP include:

  • lower mixed hardwood forest (Schima-Castanopsis) (1,000m - 1,500m)
  • chirpine forest (1,000m – 1600m)
  • upper mixed hardwood forest (1,500m - 2,300m)
  • oak forest (2,300m – 2,700m)

These forests harbor 1402 species of plants, of which 1114 species of flowering plants, 282 species of non-flowering plants gymnosperm, pteridophytes, and fungi. SNNP is home to one third species of orchids of Nepal (123 species).  Similarly, 131 species of pteridophytes, 129 species of mushrooms, have been documented from SNNP. It comprises 124 species of butterflies, 122 species of insects, 348 species of birds, and 65 species of mammals.


Places of Interest

The park is easily accessible from Kathmandu. Visitors are attracted to the park for trekking. Trekking routes to Nagarkot, Gosaikunda, Helambu and Langtang National Park also pass through the park. Several religious sites for the Hindus and the Buddhists lie inside the park. On Nepalese New Year's Day, which falls in mid-April, pilgrims from Kathmandu valley and neighboring areas flock to Baghdwar and Bishnudwar of the park from where the sacred rivers Bagmati and Bishnumatii originate. Visitors can have breathtaking views of the high Himalayas from the northern aspects of the park. Likewise, the panoramic views of Kathmandu valley could be seen from the southern slopes of the park.

Major trails in SNNP with tentative time required to cover them

Name of Trail
Time Required
Total fire line
5 days
Kakani-Jagaat_Shivapuri peak-Chisapani
2 days
4 hours
Jagaat--Gurjebhanjyang-Lipikot- Bishnupaduka-Paanimuhaan
6 hours
Gurjebhanjyang-Daandagau-Bishnupaduka-Dhokaa Bhanjyang-Shivapuri
5 hours
Lipikot-Bishnupaduka-Dhokaa Bhanjyang-Shivapuri
4 hours
Lipikot-Bishnupaduka-Paanimuhan-Naagi Gumba-Sundarijal
6 hours
5 hours
Paanimuhan-Dhokaa Bhanjyang-Sikre
5 hours
Paanimuhan-Dhokaa Bhanjyang-Shivapuri peak
5 hours
4 hours
Paanimuhan-Helipad-Naagi Gumba-Mulabaari-Deurali-Baagdwar-Shivapuri Peak
4 hours
6 hours
5 hours
3 days
Fulbari Gate-Raniban-Jamacho
5 hours
Fulbari Gate-Jamacho
3 hours
Mudkhu-Chhatra Deurali-Endanda-Jamacho
5 hours
Mudkhu-Swanagau-Chhatra Deurali
3 hours

List of tourist attraction with GPS locations

Name of tourist attraction
GPS location (UTM 45R)
347182.57 m E
3078676.65 m N
Dhap Dam
348125.98 m E
3077011.33 m N
344690.85 m E
3072530.95 m N
Tare Bhir
341255.31 m E
3073923.57 m N
Religious Place
Bagh Dwar
341458.25 m E
3077339.57 m N
Religious Place
Shivapuri Peak
340784.00 m E
3077476.00 m N
Bishnu Dwar
338015.80 m E
3075803.63 m N
Religious Place
Muhan Pokhari
339572.15 m E
3075174.97 m N
Nang-Kyi Gumba
340546.04 m E
3074221.72 m N
Religious Place
Danda Gaun
336666.80 m E
3074878.30 m N
Surya Chaur
333537.03 m E
3078723.44 m N
329476.26 m E
3077770.26 m N
Pachali Bhairab
330661.02 m E
3069577.59 m N
Religious Place
329187.69 m E
3070155.95 m N
Religious Place
346135.37 m E
3071953.89 m N
Religious Place
349117.02 m E
3072844.38 m N
Religious Place
336415.25 m E
3073642.75 m N
Religious Place
Tarkeshwar Mahadev
331451.68 m E
3075852.36 m N
Religious Place
Buwaneshwari Temple
330412.91 m E
3074078.88 m N
Religious Place
Shanti Dham
333333.23 m E 
075383.94 m N
Religious Place
Sundari Mai
344998.79 m E
3072784.48 m N
Religious Place
Icchangu Narayan Temple
328870.35 m E
3068483.97 m
Sikre Waterfall (BZ)
340232.00 m E
3080228.00 m N
340778.57 m E
3078813.20 m N


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